Historically, child welfare policies and programs have been premised on providing foster care children with permanency. Over time, this focus has obscured the substantial educational and behavioral difficulties experienced by children in this population.

Our one-on-one tutoring and mentorship program is precisely designed to offset these disadvantages and bring them to the forefront of public attention and into the media’s agenda.

We believe education and community connections will create a ripple effect outwards and expand the frontiers of possibility.

Embedded in our culture are four core pillars that we believe will leave a long-lasting impact on achievement.

  • RESEARCH: Analyze the ideas, debates, and policies surrounding the foster care system to contrive novel approaches that will prepare foster youth for independence.
  • ADVOCACY: Present our findings to community stakeholders to invite participation in our solutions.
  • CONNECT: Conduct individualized outreach to foster youth to identify and remediate learning gaps.
  • REFORM: Record our methods and metrics to develop a replicable blueprint for other universities.